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Principal's Message

From Principal's Desk

All of us together passed another miles stone in the glorious history of Xavier’s. One more Academic Year is over. Most of us feel satisfied and are having a sense of doing our best. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the entire school family for the outstanding contribution each one of you rendered for the betterment of our School and the growth and transformation of each student. It is also an opportunity to look forward and plan well to do ‘Magis’ – the excellence in every aspect of our school life. In this issue of Xavier Online, I would like to share with you the importance of Self Reflection and Self Study. We live in an ‘instant’ age – instant coffee, fast food, super fast and bullet trains, immediate communication:- WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter. All of us and specially students need to develop the habit of stopping, looking back, learning from past experiences, so that they are not carried away in the rush to move forward. Introducing the practice of journaling in the school will help you to develop a lifelong habit which will enable you to make use of your past experiences as stepping stones to live a mature life. I have the habit of writing my diary daily. It helps me to reflect on my experiences both good and bad and to be in touch with my feeling and inner movements. It is an occasion to listen to myself and examine and review the day. While I thank God for all the good things happened during the day, it helps me to accept my limitations and to ask God’s grace to improve my life for the god of all. I want all our students and teachers to spend at the end of each day a few minutes in silence and recall and reflect the day. Pen those reflections for future references. Use it for your interaction with the student counselor or your class teacher during the mentoring session. We are persons of habits, some of them good, and some not so good. Building up a habit of journaling can make a big difference in our lives. To start we may need to keep a diary in which we jot down our experiences of the day. We spend a little time looking back. Most of us have busy lives; we are concentrating on the present, living in the present. And we should do so. But the future is ahead of us and how it will turn out to be will mainly depend upon our ability to reflect on our past experiences and to make suitable amendments. Along with self reflection another area we need to invest a lot is the disciplined way of engaging oneself in self study. Each working day primary students need three hours, middle four hours and in high school and plus two six hours of Self Study. So we need to budget our entire 24 hours of a day fruitfully, effectively and smartly. Eight hours of sleep, two hours of various kinds of relaxation and rest of the 14 hours are meant for serious work both in the school and at home. Any plan is better than no plan. Do not expect or wait for others to encourage you. Nor let anyone discourage you either, be it peers, or near and dear ones. Besides that, no one can push you harder than you yourself. So, motivate yourself. Push yourself beyond your comfort levels. You can learn much more by your own effort. Ask peers, teachers or tutors to help you with exactly what you don’t understand. So begin today the habit of Self Reflection and Self Study and no turning back. Dream impossible dreams and make your dream come true.

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Vision-Mission Statement

Inspired by the life of Jesus, the direction of our Founding Fathers and our traditions, and challenged by our context, a Jesuit educational institution has the following vision:

"To give life in its fullness" (Jn 10:10) by the following the lgnation way of "seeking and finding God in all things.

Excellence is Attitude !

At St. Xavier's School we are committed to demonstrating excellence in all that we do. We hope to nurture minds which will remain in quest of excellence in every sphere. We hope that education will be the means to free the students from the shackles of narrow parochial thinking and ignite them with a new vision to root out the evils of our society and to strive for personal excellence.

The Students' Council

It is a representative body of the students that helps them to interact with the management of the school. It also organizes a number of events which form an essential part of education in team work and organizational skills. The major activities of the Student's Council are the Annual School Fete (The proceeds of which are given towards charitable purposes).

50 years of Xaverian Excellence- 1966-2016

Co-Curricular Activities

Cultural, Sporting and related activities in various forms are organized and ecouraged as necessary complements to classroom study.

It is hoped that parents appreciate the importance of these activities and encourage the full participation of their children in such character-building activities. Non co-operation would be contraty to the policy of the school and would be taken into account in making admission, promotion and scholarship decisions.

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