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Principal's Message

From Principal's Desk

After the summer vacation, when the school reopened, the Teaching Staff had a seminar on ‘Teaching and Learning’. The resource person was Fr. Nobert Menezes S.J. He told us the fact that to remain satisfied as a Good School or a Good Teacher or a Good Student is the greatest block to become a Great School, or a Great Teacher of a Great Student. St. Ignatius of Loyola, the Founder of the Society of Jesus(Jesuits) shares this idea by explaining his Vision of the Society. That is AMDG – Ad Mairem Dei Gloriam – for the Greater Glory of God. He calls it ‘Magis’ or Excellence. It is a relentless effort to constantly striving for the Greater. In every aspect of life a person strives for the greater. It is the quality of the human spirit to keep on improving. The dictionaries define excellence and to excel as being “extremely good”, of “great merit”, to “be or do better than”, to “be exceptionally good at”, to be “of very high quality”, etc. Excellence implies a striving for the highest standards in every phase of life. It is the end result of the quality of inputs we make or the degree or level of excellence of our inputs which will determine the output as being excellent. It means the highest achievement in a field – the highest proficiency or pre-eminence or surpassing merit. Harry Emerson says, “Building a great personality to be engaged in a perpetual process of becoming”. Every Day and Every Field, we must keep on improving ourselves. Our Volleyball Teams were not the best. Last few weeks, with the help of good coaches we tried to work on both, our boys’ as well as girls’ teams. Individual care, corrections, regular training and extra efforts made our both the teams, to reach the Final of the ASISC, Zonal Tournament. Similarly, our School Band, under the special care of their instructors worked hard and could perform their first public function on 15th August. I hope the Special classes on Saturdays, organized for various subjects will help the students to do better in their academic performance. These are efforts to move ahead to become a great school. Daily, before you go to bed, make sure that you do an examination of your conscience. Ask yourself – Have I tried my best to become a great student? Or do I remain just a mediocre or only a good student. Only great students and teachers can establish to become a great nation. If we won’t do it each day our nation can’t achieve that goal of becoming a great nation. Gandhiji wisely remarked: “A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable fire in their mission can alter the course of history.” So dream high, work hard, to become a great student, great teacher, great school and a great nation.

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"Dedicated to students future"

Vision-Mission Statement

Inspired by the life of Jesus, the direction of our Founding Fathers and our traditions, and challenged by our context, a Jesuit educational institution has the following vision:

"To give life in its fullness" (Jn 10:10) by the following the lgnation way of "seeking and finding God in all things.

Excellence is Attitude !

At St. Xavier's School we are committed to demonstrating excellence in all that we do. We hope to nurture minds which will remain in quest of excellence in every sphere. We hope that education will be the means to free the students from the shackles of narrow parochial thinking and ignite them with a new vision to root out the evils of our society and to strive for personal excellence.

The Students' Council

It is a representative body of the students that helps them to interact with the management of the school. It also organizes a number of events which form an essential part of education in team work and organizational skills. The major activities of the Student's Council are the Annual School Fete (The proceeds of which are given towards charitable purposes).

50 years of Xaverian Excellence- 1966-2016

Co-Curricular Activities

Cultural, Sporting and related activities in various forms are organized and ecouraged as necessary complements to classroom study.

It is hoped that parents appreciate the importance of these activities and encourage the full participation of their children in such character-building activities. Non co-operation would be contraty to the policy of the school and would be taken into account in making admission, promotion and scholarship decisions.

"What our students says..."